The Project

A website for a fictional Cirque de Soleil competitor that encourages young and upcoming local performers to become a part of a community of teachers and learners and perform their way through competition to the top prize of becoming a Sooul performer.

The Company

Sooul, the local Cirque de Soleil competitor, is a company of 70 performers, artists and magicians, owned and operated by two Korean brothers. Since 2001, they have been putting nearly a 100 shows a year in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. As an organization, they aim to create the best experience for their fans and support the local community of artists and performers.

The Brief

Create a compelling microsite that:

  • Educates and connects fans with performers and events.
  • Provide an area for artists to learn and connect with educational opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for donations to learning centres for artists.
  • Positions Sooul as a member and promoter of the local community of performers.

The Audience

The primary audience for the website is aspiring local artists and performers, who are encouraged to get involved with the artist community and participate in educational opportunities to improve their talents.

The website also aims to give fans of Sooul and general performing arts a glimpse into the world behind the scenes and educate them about the work and talent that goes into putting on a magical show!

The Big Idea

“Performing is Doing!”

Aspiring performers are encouraged to become members of an online community of artists. They learn from other performers through video tutorials, local workshops and are encouraged to share their own acts by uploading videos to the forum.

The ultimate learning experience is an annual competition, The Sooul Challenge. Competitors must pass a series of rounds generating different types of public performance acts to win the ultimate prize, an act in the Sooul show.

Fans are encouraged to participate by being given access to performance videos of the community and by being recruited to actively vote for the performer of their choice during the competition. The winner becomes part of the Sooul show with a readymade fan base!

 The Process



Refined Interfaces

I had so much fun doing the initial interface designs for the project, that I decided to return to them in my last term to refine my previous comps. I also started playing around with the brand and branded a few merchandise items.


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