The Cupcake Cafe is an iPad game designed for children 7 onward to play either individually or with a helpful family member. ¬†Using “Original Cupcakes by Heather and Lori” (or the Cupcake Girls as known on the W channel) as a hypothetical client, the game was designed as a possible expansion of the store’s online presence, through a mobile platform.

The Game

Lick your sticky fingers clean, and step behind the counter to run the Cupcake Cafe!

The Cupcake Cafe lets players work at the store as employees. The player assembles the cupcakes as fast as possible in order to fill out each order under the 3 minute mark. The faster they fill out the order, the bigger tips they earn! The longer they take, the less happy the customer and smaller the tip. If they go over the 3 minute mark, the next order in line begins its 3 minute countdown. The current customer waits an additional 15 seconds before walking out! 3 walk outs and you’re fired!

The game asks the players to create the cupcake drawn on the order. They are asked to assemble the various parts in a given sequence. Until they select the correct choice at each step, the game does not continue to the next step in the sequence. Thus by either visually matching each part to that shown in the order, or by reading the exact order, the player puts together each cupcake.

The game makes use of simple drag and drop interactions. As the player progresses, the game gets harder as the orders get larger. However, the boss is always happy to help, and offers helpful tips along the way if the player appears to be struggling.

The Interactive Design



The Interface Design

The aesthetic¬†design of the game was inspired by the Original Cupcakes company statement -“Selling Retro Cupcakes!”.

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