The Incredible World of Tea

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world, boasting over 400 unique blends. It is a product that is deceptively complex, yet exceedingly simple to enjoy. Each cup contains within itself a staggering amount of history, culture and narrative, most of which is unknown to those who enjoy it. In order to give tea drinkers a glimpse into the rich word of tea lore, I decided to create individual blend tea bags, that would carry some interesting bit of information about the tea on the back of the bag.

Active Tea

Tea is unique in that it gives its consumers the alertness from caffeine while at the same time releasing chemicals that cause the nerves to relax. I decided to name my tea brand activeTea in homage to this unique property of the brew. The illustration on the covers suggest “relaxing activities” that a cheerful tea drinker may indulge in before or after a cup of activeTea!

Digital paintings

This project was particularly fun for me, as it gave me a chance to play around with a new technique that I had recently discovered and begun to love-digital painting in photoshop using the incredible mixer brush!I sketched out some playful illustrations, scanned them into photoshop and using my trusty wacom tablet, painted away to my heart’s content!

Tea bag illustration sketches

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