I am an Interactive and Brand Designer, currently living and working in Vancouver, BC.

I have an undergraduate degree in Computer System Engineering, and I recently graduated from the Vancouver Film School Digital Design program. I am thrilled to have a career that offers the best combination of intellectual and artistic challenges.

If there is a “Big Idea” that defines me, it is perhaps “Figuring things out”.  I love puzzles and problems-the harder the puzzle, the more satisfying it is to find a solution!

Having devoted myself to intellectual pursuits through most of my life, all my hobbies and interests are predictably sedate and sadly lacking in physical exertion. The one exception is riding a bicycle, though I must qualify that I bike only if the roads are completely flat, and the distance to my destination short!

I love books, not just the reading part, but everything about books. The weight, the smell, the cover, even the color of the edge of the paper(check out Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire-the paper is edged in the most delicious, eye popping red!). Despite being a digital designer, I still insist on a book remaining a physical entity, no matter how much harm a 1000 page hardcover may do to my back! I may move to a new city with a few, chosen selected works that accompany me where ever I go, but it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see that I depart with a mini library in tow!

I love films, the Cinema, the Oscars, behind-the-scene featurettes on DVDs, movie scores, musicals and animations. I love stationary, especially pencils and colored papers of different weights and textures. I love to cook and eat, and baking with chocolate as a primary ingredient is my way to unwind at the end of a particularly busy week! I love roller coasters, if only because they terrify me so much, that getting over that fear gives me the biggest kick! I love cars and the sound of the engine when you rev it up over 3000 rpm (I am however, a very safe and responsible driver)!

But what I love the most is finding something new to love and learn about!

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